Chi from Philadelphia, PA in our "LOVE" design camisole

Have you ever wanted to be a model? Or maybe just thought about it?
Well here's your chance!
LightHart Studios is looking for all types of people (Moms, Dads, Kids, Grandmas) to send in their photos for consideration to be used on the Studio website. Tell all your friends and family!

What do you need to do? It's simple: Take a photo of yourself, a family member, a friend, or even your dog wearing one of our exclusive LightHart Studio designs from our Online Catalog Shop, send it to us by mail or e-mail and, if chosen, your photo could appear on our website!

More details:

  • The photo must be of someone wearing an original LightHart Studios t-shirt, camisole, hoodie, etc. that has been purchased from our Online Catalog Shop (the design should be clearly visible in the photo).
  • OR, the photo may be of someone next to, holding or using one of our many other products purchased from our shop (the design should be clearly visible in the photo).
  • The photo doesn't need to be a professional portrait shot, but it should be clear and of decent quality.
  • If a digital photo is submitted by e-mail, original, high-resolution shots are preferred (see e-mail address at bottom of page).
  • Photo prints from film cameras may be mailed in (see address at bottom of page)

Live local to Philadelphia/North Philly?

We'll even shoot your photos! After receiving your LightHart Studios merchandise, give us a call and make an appointment to come visit the "studio". We'll not only take your photo with our product(s), but we'll give you copies (digital) at no cost to you! This is a great way to add to your modeling portfolio if you're a model, or just to have an extra shot or two of yourself to send to family and friends!

Legal stuff our lawyers tell us we need to say:

By Submitting a photo to LightHart Studios for consideration, you understand and agree that:

  • THIS IS NOT A CONTEST. There are no "winners". This is simply a submission of material to be used for promotional purposes by LightHart Studios. Submitters will receive no further compensation, actual or implied (but you will get "bragging rights"!).
  • Photos used on the LightHart Studios website will be chosen at the sole discretion of the Studio.
  • Submission of a photo or photos does not guarantee the use of the photo on the Studio website.
  • If chosen, the photo used will be captioned with a first name only, city and state of the person in the photo (see above photo and caption).
  • Photos not chosen for promoting LightHart Studios products or services may be posted together with other submissions on a photo album web page with or without captions at some future time at the sole discretion of LightHart Studios.
  • All photos submitted will become the property of LightHart Studios and will not be returned.
  • Photographs received by LightHart Studios, or any derivative thereof, may be used in promotional materials and publicity efforts for LightHart Studios on the LightHart Studios website or website utilized by LightHart Studios (including those owned by any third-party vendor) at any time for the purpose of displaying or advertising LightHart Studios products and/or services without further compensation, actual or implied.
  • Aside from a caption, no other information about the model will be published on our site, nor will LightHart Studios give out any information about the models used on our site to any other parties not affiliated with the Studio without the written consent of the model.
  • Submitter MUST be able to declare that the photo being submitted is of themselves and/or that they (or their parent or legal guardian) have the legal authorization to lend, sell or otherwise transfer the full rights to the distribution of the photo without restriction.
  • In the case of the photo being of a pet, the owner of the pet must give permission for use of the photo and/or the submitter must have the legal authorization to lend, sell or otherwise transfer the full rights to the distribution of the photo without restriction.
  • The rights to all photographs taken by any member of LightHart Studios are retained by LightHart Studios for unlimited and unrestricted use.
  • Photos taken by LightHart Studios photographers does not guaranteed use on our site.

To submit by e-mail:

Send to

To submit by regular "snail" mail, send photos to:

LightHart Studios
Photo Submissions
716 Martin Rd.
Elkins Park, PA 19027

To call for a modeling appointment:

(please call after you have received your LightHart Studios merchandise)